Willpower to live with nature

Our inaction towards eco-ideas comes from lack of priority and determination – both at the individual and collective levels.

09PP-greensense__0_2400108eWe all have heard people saying India is not a nation of voluntary compliance, hence knowledge of traffic rules or need for cleanliness does not deter us from violating rules or from littering. However, without that act of compliance, either voluntary or regulated, we cannot achieve our larger objectives. To that end, we cannot just have wishlists, but need to have a willpower.

We also know that mere awareness does not lead to action; as such we are ever ready with reasons to justify why we are not acting upon the known eco-friendly ideas. How many us who know about the resultant waste and eco-damage of mineral water bottles, plastic cups, polythene carry bags and such others have either fully stopped or minimised their usage? Without a survey, we may confidently say the number will not cross a handful. All of us will cite lack of time, un-economical pricing, busy daily routines, inaccessibility to a product, lack of peer support, fear of being ridiculed, losing interest and such others for not walking the talk.

Role model

Our inaction towards eco-ideas comes from lack of priority and willpower – both at the individual and collective levels. This is where mentioning Gandhiji becomes inevitable – the way he walked the talk and talked the walk is exemplary. Most of us are mentally not strong enough to convert our visions into actions.

We are conditioned by our contexts, consuming yet complaining; discarding gadgets claiming technological obsoleteness; buying what we can live without; criticising the current affairs knowing well how we are a party to it and publicly grumbling without private initiatives.

This is not to demean the people inclined to environmental consciousness doing their bit like avoiding plastics, minimal purchases, reducing electricity bill, minimising air travel, reusing products, taking public transport and such others. The Government has become increasingly pro-active with newer policies and their implementation.

Public institutions like CSE, TERI, IGBC, LBC and many others are also focused towards a low energy model for development. Yet, regional temperatures have been rising, climate change is getting accelerated and natural resource crunch is staring at us.

Low carbon footprint

We need a great willpower today if our tomorrows have to be secured – to accept personal discomforts to reduce the discomfort on the Earth; to moderate manufacturing; to live with lesser gadgets; to seek judiciously priced products with low carbon footprint; to shun luxury; to minimise global networking to reinvent the local; to attempt simple living with high thinking; to value biome higher than our biodata; to ignore monetary profiteering; to question surplus income and to earn enough to live with. Today, we need greater willpower than ever.


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