Design matters

Buildings need advanced construction ideas, but without much energy consumption to keep themeco-friendly.

Designing the ideal shelter for varying climate conditions in India is an impossible task, with so many annual seasons, locale-specific micro-climatic modifications and increasingly unpredictable shifts in rains, heat and humidity.

The summer is over and the monsoon rains are lashing us. In many regions, it will be both hot and humid, leading to an uncomfortable sweating even while it is raining outside. It is a challenge now to keep the water and heat out, yet have air circulation through the building.

Indoor comfort conditions cannot be achieved through a singular design idea, but demand multiple interventions.

Monsoon times pose such a critical problem, most known solutions can rarely satisfy all our needs for mid-range temperature, glare-free light, big windows, protection from rain, moderate humidity and appropriate indoor to outdoor connectivity. However we may attempt as many solutions as possible to arrive at the best possible option. Traditional architecture did not face this problem as much as we face it today since they had fewer functional needs from buildings.

For the largely residential, few civic and some market related buildings all with shorter spans, they could manage with the local materials and construction systems.

Places of worship were never supposed to be the comfortable kind, with devotees willing to sweat it out.


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