In cities, electric car is ideal

It is non-polluting and saves on precious fuel.

Reva_i_silverIt is now well understood and goes undebated to say that an eco-friendly lifestyle should compliment designing and building an eco-friendly house.

Just imagine owning a green home saving energy and then living an energy guzzling lifestyle! Among the major compulsions to consume non-renewable energy is local travel, burning petrol and diesel.

Do we have alternatives?

Majority of gadgets we use today suffer from a modern disease called technological overkill. Computers can do wonders, yet no one individually uses more than possibly 10% of its built-in potential, but pays for the unused 90% possibilities.

It is the same story with cameras, cell phones, tabs and such others. It was not so in the past – be it kitchen items, cultivation tools, furniture or a house itself. Mostly they were used to their fullest extent.

Cars too come with so many capabilities in terms of highest speed, boot space, passenger seats, music, AC, load carrying capacity and such others. But for public taxis, most of these go less noticed or unutilised. If we do not require such a feature-filled car for a city drive, it makes sense to own a car judiciously suited for city conditions, just about serving all our daily needs, doing least harm to nature.

Image booster

This is where an electric car can step in. The feel-good factor about driving a non-polluting vehicle, along with the happiness of saving on precious fuels, can be an image boosting act.

It’s a matter of pride for India to be among the few nations producing an electric car, despite tough competition from fuel-based car makers. Though electric cars are marketed for having the least running cost, the real reason to drive them should be their green sense.

The battery is among the most controversial parts of these cars. Despite the advanced lithium iron batteries with more than five years life, they surely need to be replaced someday.

Since one full charge of a new battery runs up to 120 km. before it drains out, electric cars are made for a city – both large and small.


Charging is easy and can be managed at home itself in about five hours, especially if made into a daily night charging routine.

If charging stations can be organised along highways, these small cars can also be considered for medium distance highway drives. In case the car battery is not ready, on those few annual occasions one may make alternative arrangements, instead of negating the ecological advantages of electric cars.

For those aiming at a small car, the electric cars may appear costly due to batteries and a few prospective buyers may find the overall upfront cost high. However, the electric cars pay back very well across the years, thanks to the battery costs.

The Karnataka Government has announced a special subsidy on electric cars.

Hopefully, all States will follow to make this alternative to fuel-based cars a success.

The zero emission, no sound, no-nonsense electric car can compliment a green home, in more ways than one.


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