Buildings need to become simpler and smaller, without compromising on the essential needs.


Land and buildings are among the matters where the urge to own manifests the most. Nomads lived with least possessions and today we are living with the most possible. Our needs have outgrown our basic needs of food, clothing and shelter; as such we have adapted a consumptive lifestyle. Our houses and offices are designed as much for living and working, as for stacking and storing. In the past, people could not buy much due to lack of availability or affordability, but now virtually anything can be purchased anywhere.

Our buildings are already getting cluttered with a million items inside and at this rate can we imagine the fate of future buildings?


Just imagine a building where we have very few things to store and safeguard. Interior designing, which deals largely with storage cabinets, will get redefined. Buildings will become simpler and smaller, without compromising on the essential needs.

Houses with minimal items will look more spacious. Short and long-term maintenance will get eased out. Here will be lesser technological obsoleteness. And of course, we will be generating lesser waste. The idea is not to discourage buying, but to buy only what we need and to buy responsibly.

After all, many thinkers have enquired how much we need to live with and felt too many things we have with us are not really needed. As a human race, we possess the whole Earth and there is no need to possess a few belongings which are anyway within this Earth.

Possessing less can mean buying less which may lead to producing less, hence reducing greenhouse gas emissions which may control global warming, which may finally help in reversing the climate change. If this sounds like an impossible dream, let us realise the criticality today where most possible solutions are failing and only a seemingly impossible idea may save us.


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